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March 17th, 2020

The Next Generation of ThunderX Delivers Performance and Power Advantages to Cloud and HPC Server Markets

By Gopal Hegde, Vice President and General Manager of the Server Processor Business Unit, Marvell

The data centers of today have shifted from a focus on single thread performance to performance at rack scale with performance/watt, performance/$ and overall TCO being the key drivers to deployment. These data centers are making use of servers that are customized for specific workloads. The applications running on these servers are either based on open source software or controlled by the customers who deploy them. Marvell’s ThunderX2® server processor is a leading example of this evolution in the server market with deployments spanning across the cloud and HPC market segments with major customers like Microsoft Azure and the Astra Top 500 Supercomputer installation at Sandia National Laboratories.

We continue to make progress on our roadmap with our third generation Arm® based server processor, ThunderX3™. ThunderX3 is purpose-built for the most demanding workloads in today’s cloud and HPC markets. Utilizing a small die size, ThunderX3 delivers high performance, power efficiency, memory bandwidth and the low memory latency for target cloud and HPC workloads.

Fabricated using the TSMC 7P process, the ThunderX3 processor features up to 96-cores with 4-threads/core delivering a total compute power of 384 threads/socket. The memory interface supports 8-channels of DDR4-3200 with 2 DIMMs/channel. The IO expansion offers 64 lanes of PCIe Gen 4.0 with 16 controllers. The processor supports both single and dual socket configurations. For floating point operations, ThunderX3 features four 128-bit SIMD (Neon) units per core. The device is fully SBSA/SBBR compliant and provides enterprise class RAS and virtualization capabilities. Platforms based on ThunderX3 will sample to customers in mid-year calendar 2020.

Microarchitectural improvements in ThunderX3 provide an overall IPC performance improvement greater than 25% over ThunderX2. This increase along with the increase in the core and DDR frequencies provide an overall gain over 60% in single thread performance versus the previous generation. At the socket level, ThunderX3 provides over 3x higher socket level integer performance and over 5x socket level floating point performance over ThunderX2.

ThunderX3 target markets continue to be specific workloads within the cloud computing and high-performance computing markets where our differentiation delivers strong performance per $ and performance per watt benefits to end customers. In addition, we also enable native Arm workloads such as Android gaming in the cloud. The segments we are focused on constitute approximately 30% of the overall server processor market.

Our target cloud workloads such as big data, databases, media streaming, web tier, elastic search and cloud storage are highly parallel in nature. ThunderX3 features 4 thread simultaneous multithreading (SMT) which enables significant throughput improvements for these workloads. HPC workloads such as EDA and CAE also benefit from multithreading. ThunderX3 is highly power efficient and can maintain higher frequency while operating in floating point-intensive workloads. This capability combined with multiple single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) units and best-in-class memory bandwidth provides a very good performance advantage for target HPC workloads in the areas of quantum physics, quantum chemistry, computational fluid dynamics, genomics, and oil and gas workloads.

The ThunderX3 device is also ideally suited for running native Arm applications that currently deploy on mobile phones and Arm end points as containers or virtual machines in the cloud or at the edge. This enables a variety of emerging use cases such as Android gaming in the cloud, Android and Arm software/application development in the cloud. Marvell has collaborated with NVIDIA in integrating industry-leading GPUs for both HPC and gaming.

Marvell has established a leadership role in the Arm-based server segment with proven performance, large scale production deployments in some of the most demanding environments and a vibrant partner ecosystem that continues to grow.  ThunderX3 is another exciting chapter in this journey and we look forward to sharing more details in the coming months.  

February 25th, 2020

分散およびハイブリッド IT におけるデータ暗号化の詳細計画

By Avishai Ziv, General Manager of Security Solutions Business Unit, Marvell

Given a choice, few enterprises will change their security solutions and deployments, especially for data encryption. That’s because any change in data encryption can be a painful and daunting task. But in today’s world of growing threats to data security, is there really a choice?

Risk is High

Most of the data breaches we read about in the headlines, which have affected hundreds of millions of customers at prominent companies, have involved data that wasn’t encrypted. Unfortunately, such lax security is all too common. A recent McAfee survey of 12,000 companies that revealed only 9% encrypt their data at rest in the cloud, and only 1% are using customer-managed encryption keys.

Change is Daunting

The fact that most companies fail to encrypt their data is not because their IT security teams are unaware of growing risks or unmotivated to confront them, but rather because legacy encryption solutions cannot cope with the rapidly growing volume of data that needs to be encrypted.

Typically, IT infrastructure at most large companies consists of 5-10 datacenters distributed globally, and at least one public cloud environment, with multiple migration-to-the-cloud projects underway. Given that such companies lack unified, centrally-managed data encryption, they tend to rely on a patchwork of siloed solutions from different vendors, which introduces its own set of complications. Meanwhile, more stringent compliance rules require more rigorous data encryption and management, intensifying the pressure for rapid change.

The Solution is LiquidSecurity® 

Under such challenging circumstances, many security teams are starting to realize that a hardware security module (HSM) designed more than 20 years ago simply cannot meet these diverse and growing demands. That’s why more and more are seeking a comprehensive, secure and holistic approach to encryption that works in all use-cases and environments, such as Marvell LiquidSecurity. This solution offers:

  • A single encryption platform that can be centrally or remotely managed
  • Distributed, scalable and affordable encryption, with low TCO
  • The autonomy that comes with customer-managed encryption keys
  • Unmatched flexibility to “future proof” a company’s investment

The Marvell LiquidSecurity Network HSM product family was designed from scratch to meet the challenges – and exploit the opportunities – of the Cloud era. As such, it delivers the simplicity, flexibility, scalability and high performance customers seek for diverse use cases in both public and private clouds.

With unmatched features such as 32 HSMs in a single appliance, elastic FIPS boundary, integrated load-balancing and high-availability, as well as performance that beats competitors by an order of magnitude, LiquidSecurity is fast becoming the go-to choice of leading enterprises and service providers.

For more information, visit Marvell’s LiquidSecurity Product HSM.

2020 年 1月 21 日

HPE 販売代理店は I/O 接続性について Marvell FastLinQ および QLogic を信頼しています

DTP グループ、リーズ UK

当社のお客様にとって信頼できるアドバイザーであることは、当社が推奨、構成、インストールするものが期待通りに機能することを意味します。 このため、DTP では、当社のすべてのサーバーおよびストレージ接続性ソリューション向けに Marvell® QLogic® Fibre Channel および Marvell FastLinQ® イーサネット I/O を推奨します。

DTP グループには、お客様へのテクノロジーとソリューション納入において 30 年以上の経験があります。 当社では、サーバー、ストレージ、およびネットワーキングソリューションには、HPE のみを推奨しています。当社はこのテクノロジーを理解しており、HPE 組織からしっかりとしたサポートを得ることができ、HPE ブランドを信頼しているためです。 HPE ポートフォリオにはテクノロジーの選択肢があり、検討する必要があります。特に I/O 接続性については検討が必要です。 HPE にはさまざまなイーサネットおよびファイバーチャネル接続性オプションが用意されており、それらはいくつかの異なる製造元から提供されています。 それらすべてを評価してから、DTP プレセールスおよびテクニカルチームは、Marvell FastLinQ テクノロジーベースの 10/25/50GbE と、Marvell Qlogic ベースの 16GFC および 32GFC を標準とすることを選択しました。

当社はマーベルの先進機能が、お客様がここで購入する製品によって、次世代の NVMe 対応ストレージ、ハイパーコンヴァージドインフラストラクチャ(HCI)、およびソフトウェア定義ストレージソリューションを展開するために必要な接続性機能を将来確実に提供できることを知っています。 マーベルが QLogic Fibre Channel HBA で提供するデュアルポート分離などの機能によって、予測可能かつ信頼性の高い SAN パフォーマンスが保証されます。 HPE 向けの Marvell FastLinQ イーサネットテクノロジーは、iSCSI 用のストレージオフロードやユニバーサル RDMA(RoCE および iWARP プロトコルをサポート)などの機能を備えているため、当社が設計してお客様に提供する Nimble ストレージおよび HCI ソリューションで最大限の柔軟性を実現します。

この I/O テクノロジーを選択することで、機能セットおよびデータシートやマーケティング文書上のスペックをはるかに超えるものが得られます。  当社は、マーベルテクノロジーがすべてのメインストリームのエンタープライズオペレーティングシステム環境およびアプリケーションで「単に機能」するだけでなく、(頻度はあまり高くないとは言え)問題が発生した場合にはマーベルチームがいつでも当社のような HPE パートナーをサポートできる状態にあることを知っています。 マーベルの HPE チームは、現場で、あらゆる主要なテクノロジーイベントで私たちと一緒に取り組んでくれます。 確固とした関係を築いていること、質問や問題がある場合にメールや電話をするとすばやく対応してもらえることを知っていることは、ソリューションプロバイダの世界では非常に重要です。 マーベルはこのことをきちんと理解しており、マーベルの HPE 専門チーム がいつでも当社をサポートしてくれるだけでなく、必要に応じて HPE 内でエスカレーションするのを手伝ってくれることもあります。

さらに、マーベルは教育やトレーニングの面でも、ほかのテクノロジープロバイダーが提供するものをはるかに上回るものを提供してくれます。 マーベルの Follow the Wire プログラムは、最新情報、トレーニング、および教育リソースを提供するうえで、クラス最高のプラットフォームです。 マーベルのプログラムのおかげで、当社のチームは最新情報に接したり、最新のマーケティングコラテラルにアクセスしたり、オンデマンドビデオを見たり、ライブウェビナーやウェビナーリプレイに参加したりといった意欲を持つことができています。 最新の機能に関する情報に常に接していることができます。

DTP グループで大切なことは、推奨するテクノロジーやパートナーを組む相手を決定するときにデータシートやラインカードでわかること以上の情報に接することができるということです。 これによって、より適切に準備し、テクノロジーへの理解を深め、最終的にはお客様により良いソリューション、サービス、サポートを届けることができます。 ですから、当社はマーベルとのお付き合いを続けているのです。 わからないことを解決したり、トレーニングや教育を実施したり、I/O テクノロジーパートナーから一般的なサポートを受ける際に課題を抱えている場合には、マーベルも検討してみることをお勧めします。


December 12th, 2019

マーベルと HPE が HPE ProLiant および Apollo Gen10 Plus サーバー向け業界標準アダプターを発表

By Todd Owens, Technical Marketing Manager, Marvell

Innovation can come in many forms. Sometimes it’s with a completely new technology, sometimes with updating an existing product and in other cases, just by changing the approach to how you acquire and deliver a product. It is the latter that is the latest innovation from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) when it comes to I/O connectivity.

In conjunction with the launch of HPE ProLiant and Apollo Gen10 Plus servers, the HPE Server I/O Options team developed a new approach for sourcing and qualifying Ethernet adapters for these servers. Deploying what they call Industry Standard Adapters, HPE can now better meet the needs of their end customers with an increased number of options when it comes to firmware and driver updates for their Ethernet adapters in HPE servers.

Traditionally, HPE would source I/O technology from OEM suppliers such as Marvell, create customer model numbers and specifications for adapters and make firmware and drives only available from HPE. These “custom” adapters were often referred to as HPE-optimized. Starting with Gen10 Plus servers, HPE is eliminating the customization and using standard adapters that can work not only in HPE servers, but in others as well. Hence the term “Industry Standard Adapters.”

Marvell is glad to be a strategic partner of HPE, providing a wide variety of Marvell® FastLinQ® adapters that are fully qualified and supported by HPE on the HPE ProLiant Gen10 Plus servers. Below are the current offerings from Marvell for HPE Gen10 Plus servers.

HPE Part Number Model Name Product Description
P08437-B21 QL41132HLRJ HPE Ethernet 10Gb 2-port BASE-T QL41132HLRJ Adapter
P10103-B21 QL41132HQRJ HPE Ethernet 10Gb 2-port BASE-T QL41132HQRJ OCP3 Adapter
P21933-B21 QL41132HLCU HPE Ethernet 10Gb 2-port SFP+ QL41132HLCU Adapter
P08452-B21 QL41132HQCU HPE Ethernet 10Gb 2-port SFP+ QL41132HQCU OCP3 Adapter
P10094-B21 QL41134HLCU HPE Ethernet 10GbE 4-port SFP+ QL41134HLCU Adapter
P22702-B21 QL41232HLCU HPE Ethernet 10/25Gb 2-port SFP28 QL41232HLCU Adapter
P10118-B21 QL41232HQCU HPE Ethernet 10/25Gb 2-port SFP28 QL41232HQCU OCP3 Adapter


With the new approach, HPE Gen10 Plus customers can see the Marvell model numbers in the HPE product description and identify the Marvell vendor and product IDs at server boot. Then they will be directed to Marvell for detailed specifications, user guides, technical briefs and even firmware and/or driver downloads.  The support model will not change and HPE will continue to provide level 1 – 3 support. The new approach will benefit HPE customers in a number of ways:

  • Transparency of the specific type of product and model information – eliminates having to use complex decoder aides or other documentation to determine real manufacturer.
  • Consistency in product/model naming on Operating System HCLs that saves time cross-checking I/O and operating system compatibility.
  • Faster time-to-market for firmware/driver enhancements and updates to get fixes when they are available from the manufacturer.
  • Ability to streamline maintenance process across multi-vendor server environments and get firmware/drivers direct from manufacturer websites.

For those HPE ProLiant customers who prefer utilizing HPE-specific deployment software and utilities like HPE System Insight Manager (SIM), System Update Manager (SUM) or Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP), HPE will also make firmware and drivers available through their normal quarterly processes.

The Marvell portfolio for HPE ProLiant Gen10 Plus includes PCIe and OCP 3.0 form factor adapters in 1/10GBASE-T, 10Gb SFP+ and 10/25GbE SFP28 variants. All these adapters support Marvell’s industry-leading list of features and capabilities, including:

  • Universal RDMA: allows customers to run RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) or iWARP RDMA concurrently.
  • SmartAN™ technology: automatically sets bandwidth and forward error correction settings of the adapter to match the switch it is connected to and the cable type being used.
  • Redfish PLDM: provides integrated remote monitoring and management of thermal environment and other adapter data.
  • Marvell FastLinQ QCS Management Utility: available as GUI, CLI, VMware plug-in or PowerShell Kit for maximum flexibility.
  • DPDK Offload: up to 68Mpps bi-directional small packet acceleration.
  • SR-IOV offload for virtual server environments.
  • Tunnel Offloads: VXLAN, NVGRE, GENEVE.
  • NVMe over fabric: for high performance SDS/HCI or shared storage connectivity.
  • IEEE 1588 Energy Efficient Ethernet
  • PCIe 3.0 x8 and OCP 3.0 form factors

For more details on Marvell’s FastLinQ adapters, download the family product brief here.

For more information on Universal RDMA, SmartAN technology and other unique Marvell FastLinQ capabilities, visit our Follow the Wire Video library here

November 5th, 2019

マーベル、Avera Semi の買収を完了

By Stacey Keegan, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Marvell

Today marks the close of the acquisition of Avera Semi.

Avera brings over two decades of expertise developing custom ASIC solutions for the infrastructure market, further enabling Marvell to offer a full suite of leading semiconductor solutions. With this acquisition, Marvell will provide the complete spectrum of product architectures spanning standard, semi-custom to full ASIC solutions. We are proud to offer world class custom ASIC design services to our OEM partners.

To learn more, read our latest press release:

September 19th, 2019


By Stacey Keegan, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Marvell

Marvell today announced that it has successfully completed its acquisition of Aquantia.

Aquantia pioneered Multi-Gig technology – now the basis for high speed networking in a broad range of applications from enterprise campuses to autonomous cars.  Their portfolio complements Marvell’s industry-leading PHYs, switches and processors, creating an unparalleled networking platform and enabling customers to develop systems that span megabits to terabits per second. To learn more, read our latest press release

September 16th, 2019

いち早く Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ となったマーベルの高度なワイヤレステクノロジー

By Prabhu Loganathan, Senior Director of Marketing for Connectivity Business Unit, Marvell

Wi-Fi Alliance® the industry alliance responsible for driving certification efforts worldwide to ensure interoperability and standards for Wi-Fi® devices, today announced Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™, the industry certification program based on the IEEE 802.11ax standard.  Marvell’s 88W9064 (4×4) and 88W9068 (8×8) Wi-Fi 6 solutions are among the first to be Wi-Fi 6 certified and have been selected to be included in the Wi-Fi Alliance interoperability test bed.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ ensures interoperability and an improved user experience across all devices running IEEE 802.11ax technology.  Wi-Fi 6 benefits both the 5 and 2.4 GHz bands, incorporating major fundamental enhancements like Multi-User MIMO, OFDMA, 1024-QAM, BSS coloring and Target Wait Time.

Wi-Fi 6 delivers faster speeds with low latency, high network utilization, and power saving technologies that provide substantial benefits spanning all the way from high density enterprises to enabling battery operated low power IoT devices.

Marvell played a leading role in shaping Wi-Fi 6 and enabling Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 to ensure seamless interoperability and drive rapid adoption in the market place.  Wi-Fi Alliance forecasts that over 1.6 billion devices supporting Wi-Fi 6 will be shipped worldwide by 2020.  Marvell is at the forefront of this wave enabling our Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 products to be designed into exciting new products spanning infrastructure access, premium client and automotive markets.

For more information, you can visit