Marvell Storage SSD Controllers

SSD コントローラー

Unleashing high-performance flash storage from edge to cloud

Performance-optimized, efficient, and feature-rich SSD Controllers

Marvell’s comprehensive SSD controller portfolio exemplifies high-performance and cost-efficient storage solutions. With the groundbreaking Bravera™ SSD controllers and scalable embedded processors, these controllers empower solid-state disk drives across every category, offering unparalleled performance and power efficiency.


SSD コントローラ

当社のコントローラは、クラス最高の NANDEdge™ プログラマブルエラー訂正コーディング IP を統合し、複数世代の NAND テクノロジーを使用可能にし、クライアント、エッジ、エンタープライズ、クラウドデータセンター市場での電力性能を最大化します。

Data Center & Enterprise Controllers  

Marvell’s SSD controllers enable high performance and high capacity SSDs for use in enterprise and hyperscale data center environments. Built on Marvell’s NANDEdge™ LDPC engine, these controllers are designed to enable TLC, QLC and SLC memories while providing best-in-class error correction features and capabilities.

  • Enabling SSDs with industry-leading power-to-performance ratios
  • End-to-end datapath protection
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Ideal for EDSFF, U.2 and M.2 form-factors

PCIe 5.0 SSD Controller supporting up to 16 NAND Channels for enabling next generation cloud storage solutions

PCIe Gen3x4, 8-Channel NVMe SSD Controller

6 Gb/s SATA, 4-NAND channel SSD controller for DRAM based SSDs

Edge & Client Controllers

Marvell’s SSD controller family is aimed at mainstream and high-performance PC clients and edge computing SSDs. NANDEdge™ LDPC technology offers the advanced error correction capabilities to address the increasing demands required to enable future SSD solutions with emerging triple level-cell (TLC) and quad level-cell (QLC) NAND architectures. Marvell offers a wide range of client and edge devices that support PCIe Gen 3, Gen 4 and SATA interfaces in DRAM based and DRAMless operations.

  • PCIe Gen 4, Gen 3 & SATA interfaces
  • Low power technology
  • Best-in-class Marvell IP
  • Support of DRAM based and DRAMless operations
  • NANDEdge™ technology LDPC Error Correction to enable higher bit error rate NAND
  • Ultra-small packages & KGD offering to support m.2, u.2 & BGA SSDs
  • Wide temperature range to support commercial, industrial & other edge applications

PCIe Gen 4, 4-NAND channel, high performance SSD controller that supports both DRAM based and DRAMless operations

PCIe Gen 4, 4-NAND channel, high performance SSD controller that supports DRAMless operations, ideally suited for small FF m.2 and BGA SSDs

PCIe Gen 3, 8-NAND channel, high performance SSD controller for mainstream PC-Client SSDs

6 Gb/s SATA, 4-NAND channel SSD controller for DRAM based SSDs

Customized Storage Solution

Marvell has an established history of delivering customized storage solutions based on differentiating IP integrated with customer and third party IPs, helping our customers create high value products that are first to market. In addition, Marvell offers unique firmware customization options for our customers for enhancing time-to-market and reducing development cost.

  • Integrated solutions based on IPs from Marvell, customers and third parties
  • Leading-edge process technology for achieving highest performance and low power
  • Firmware customization with Full-Turn-Key option


SSD Controllers Media


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