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  • June 02, 2021


    By Ian Sagan, Marvell Field Applications Engineer and Jacqueline Nguyen, Marvell Field Marketing Manager and Nick De Maria, Marvell Field Applications Engineer

    Have you ever been stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic? Frustrated by long checkout lines at the grocery store? Trapped at the back of a crowded plane while late for a connecting flight?

    Such bottlenecks waste time, energy and money. And while today’s digital logjams might seem invisible or abstract by comparison, they are just as costly, multiplied by zettabytes of data struggling through billions of devices – a staggering volume of data that is only continuing to grow.

    Fortunately, emerging Non-Volatile Memory Express technology (NVMe) can clear many of these digital logjams almost instantaneously, empowering system administrators to deliver quantum leaps in efficiency, resulting in lower latency and better performance. To the end user this means avoiding the dreaded spinning icon and getting an immediate response.

  • November 12, 2020


    By Lindsey Moore, Marketing Coordinator, Marvell

    Marvell wins FMS Award for Most Innovative Technology

    Flash Memory Summit, the industry's largest trade show dedicated to flash memory and solid-state storage technology, presented its 2020 Best of Show Awards yesterday in a virtual ceremony. Marvell, alongside Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), was named a winner for "Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology" in the controller/system category for the Marvell NVMe RAID accelerator in the HPE OS Boot Device.

    Last month, Marvell introduced the industry’s first native NVMe RAID 1 accelerator, a state-of-the-art technology for virtualized, multi-tenant cloud and enterprise data center environments which demand optimized reliability, efficiency, and performance. HPE is the first of Marvell's partners to support the new accelerator in the HPE NS204i-p NVMe OS Boot Device offered on select HPE ProLiant servers and HPE Apollo systems. The solution lowers data center total cost of ownership (TCO) by offloading RAID 1 processing from costly and precious server CPU resources, maximizing application processing performance.

  • October 27, 2020

    NVMe RAIDでより優れたゲーム体験を実現

    By Shahar Noy, Senior Director, Product Marketing

    You are an avid gamer. You spend countless hours in forums to decide between the ASUS TUF components and researching Radeon RX 500 or GeForce RTX 20, to ensure games would show at their best on your hard-earned PC gaming rig. You made your selection and can’t stop bragging about your system’s ray tracing capabilities and how realistic is the “Forza Motorsport 7” view from your McLaren F1 GT cockpit when you drive through the legendary Le Mans circuit at dusk. You are very proud of your machine and the year 2020 is turning out to be good: Microsoft finally launched the gorgeous looking “Flight Simulator 2020,” and CD Projekt just announced that the beloved and award-winning “The Witcher 3” is about to get an upgrade to take advantage of the myriad of hardware updates available to serious gamers like you. You have your dream system in hand and life can’t be better.

  • August 18, 2020

    強い自覚から決定的な行動へ: ミスターQロジックに会う

    By Nishant Lodha, Director of Product Marketing – Emerging Technologies, Marvell

    Marvell® Fibre Channel HBAs are getting a promotion and here is the announcement email -

    I am pleased to announce the promotion of “Mr. QLogic® Fibre Channel” to Senior Transport Officer, Storage Connectivity at Enterprise Datacenters Inc. Mr. QLogic has been an excellent partner and instrumental in optimizing mission critical enterprise application access to external storage over the past 20 years. When Mr. QLogic first arrived at Enterprise Datacenters, block storage was in a disarray and efficiently scaling out performance seemed like an unsurmountable challenge. Mr. QLogic quickly established himself as a go-to leader and trusted partner for enabling low latency access to external storage across disk and flash. Mr. QLogic successfully collaborated with other industry leaders like Brocade and Mr. Cisco MDS to lay the groundwork for a broad set of innovative technologies under the StorFusion™ umbrella. In his new role, Mr. QLogic will further extend the value of StorFusion by bringing awareness of Storage Area Network (SAN) congestion into the server, while taking decisive action to prevent bottlenecks that may degrade mission critical enterprise application performance.


  • August 12, 2020

    チェリーをトップに乗せる! FC-NVMe v2のご紹介

    By Nishant Lodha, Director of Product Marketing – Emerging Technologies, Marvell

    その昔、データセンターは大きな問題に直面しました – ビジネス化の方法 - 卓越した信頼性で遠隔地のストレージにアクセスするサーバー上の重要なアプリケーション。それに応えて、最も優れたストレージマインドがファイバーチャネルを発明しました。その超信頼性は、専用ネットワークとバッファー間クレジットに実装されていることから生まれました。現実のパラレルについては、これから出かける目的地に、確実にある駐車スポットを考えて、私道を出る前に知っておいてください。それはかなりうまくいきました。しかし、テクノロジーが進化し、ストレージが回転メディアからNVMeインターフェイスを備えたフラッシュメモリに変化したため、同じく才能のある人々がFC-NVMeを開発しました。このソリューションは、既存の16GFCおよび32GFC HBAとスイッチがFC-NVMeを実行できるようにすることで、リップアンドリプレースを必要とせずにネイティブNVMeストレージトランスポートを提供しました。次に、宇宙線が高速ネットワークにどのように影響するかについての理解が深まり、時々ビットのサブセットが反転してエラーが発生しました。