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Marvell Smart Bulb Residential Platform Provides Complete, Open Solution for Smart Lighting

Marvell's new ultra-low-power controller and wireless control technologies enable low-cost, energy-efficient intelligent LED lamps for the mass market

Santa Clara, California (April 22, 2013) – Marvell (Nasdaq: MRVL) today announced the availability of its Smart Bulb Residential Wireless Platform, which provides a cost-effective, open, end-to-end solution for manufacturers developing smart lighting systems that adhere to Energy Star power consumption requirements. The new Marvell Smart Bulb Residential Platform – featuring the new Marvell® 88EM8511 low-power AC/DC controller and wireless microcontroller embedded inside a smart LED bulb – is a highly integrated System on Chip (SoC) environment that results in a 50 percent reduction in the number of integrated circuits (ICs) compared to a typical wireless connected bulb. The first products based on this open platform are Smart bulbs from Leedarson connected to home gateways from Zonoff.

The Marvell platform includes a low-cost, simple ZigBee® remote control or a dedicated Wi-Fi-to-ZigBee lighting bridge based on Marvell’s MC200+8782 Wi-Fi microcontroller module. The Platform fully supports a wide array of ZigBee protocols and is accessible by mobile devices via Wi-Fi. Additionally, Marvell’s open architecture allows the Smart bulb to be connected to multi-service home gateways offered by large retailers and service providers or directly to wireless routers when Wi-Fi is embedded in the Smart bulb itself.

“Turnkey Marvell LED solutions like the new Smart Bulb Residential Platform are furthering the rapid, mainstream adoption of Smart lighting by enabling manufacturers like Leedarson and Zonoff to quickly deliver a wide range of new lighting products,” said Kishore Manghnani, vice president of Green Technology Products at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. “With its advanced portfolio of innovations, Marvell is able to provide the ICs for end-to-end lighting solutions that feature a low price point and help reduce the consumption of energy resources around the world.”

Other technologies built on the Smart Bulb Residential Wireless Platform include:


  • Integrated Smart bulb product and remote control from Leedarson
  • Additional bulb development by Eastfield and other ODMs
  • Multi-service home gateway and lighting control software from Zonoff
  • Home light controller app for phones and tablets created with Marvell’s Kinoma® software platform

“We chose to work with Marvell on our latest Smart lighting designs because its highly integrated LED power supply ICs and low-power wireless technologies helped us develop a Smart bulb with a low bill of materials cost that meets the Energy Star consumption requirement. We are excited that this collaboration allows us to bring cutting-edge lighting technology to consumers at an affordable price,” said George Xu, Vice President of Leedarson Corporation.

“The quick and easy process of connecting Zonoff’s home gateway with the Leedarson bulb based on Marvell’s Platform is a testament to its open nature. Moreover, the Platform enables us to simply update software over the air,” said Mike Harris, CEO, Zonoff. “Systems like this, built on Marvell’s Smart Bulb Residential Platform, are truly Smart, offering manufacturers and consumers alike the best lighting innovations in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly product.”

Marvell will showcase the Smart Bulb Residential Wireless Platform at LightFair International, April 23-25, 2013. For more information about Marvell’s LED reference designs, visit

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