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Marvell Ships More Than One Million LinkCrypt-Powered Secure Ethernet Ports With Integrated MACSec and Ethernet Transceivers

Second Generation Devices, Introduced at Interop, Enable Unified Wireless-Wired Security and Half the Power Consumption

Interop - Las Vegas, Nevada (April 27, 2010) – Marvell (Nasdaq: MRVL), a worldwide leader in integrated silicon solutions, today announced it has reached a major milestone with the shipment of more than a million ports of 1GE and 10GE link processors powered by first generation Marvell® LinkCrypt™ technology. Designed to merge Media Access Control (MAC) layer security functions into the Ethernet physical layer, LinkCrypt plays a key role in the integration of standards-compliant security solutions to expand the security perimeter in enterprise, datacenter, metropolitan networks and 3G/4G cellular infrastructures. Marvell also announced at Interop the first available of 40nm link processor devices powered by second generation LinkCrypt technology.

"We believe the rapid adoption of our first generation LinkCrypt devices is a testament to our technology leadership in the emerging MAC Security (MACSec) link processor market," said Awais Nemat, Vice President of Enterprise Business Development for Marvell Semiconductor Inc. "With the introduction of second generation LinkCrypt technology, we will expand into new markets and bring our unique functional and architectural benefits to a new set of customers."

Simplified Systems Architecture

MACSec is an IEEE standard designed to embed security into the network fabric to build scalable standards-compliant security solutions into existing and new Ethernet infrastructure deployments. The LinkCrypt technology, acquired few years ago by Marvell through the acquisition of D5 Networks, provides intelligent link processing functionality beyond MACSec processing at speeds ranging from 1GE up to 100GE.

Second generation LinkCrypt technology merges link layer functions including MAC, MACSec, Connectivity Fault Management (CFM), Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE), Synchronous Ethernet, Secure Precision Time Protocol (Secure-PTP) and a range of other intelligent functions into a single link processor device.  This innovation simplifies the system architecture, increases modularity, reduces cost and accelerates development time to market.

Synchronous Ethernet and Secure-PTP are essential timing-synchronization functions for 3G/4G cellular infrastructure, and enable the transition from a legacy and expensive TDM to a unified IP-based Ethernet backhaul infrastructure. LinkCrypt technology not only offers both the Synchronous Ethernet and Single Step PTP time-stamping features that allow high-level accuracy for carrier-grade and industrial Ethernet applications, it also provides the cryptographic security required to protect these functions from intrusion, spoofing, eavesdropping and other attacks against the infrastructure.

About LinkCrypt

Designed as a horizontal technology capable of scaling up to hundreds of Gbps of performance, LinkCrypt can be embedded across a broad portfolio of Ethernet products servicing enterprise, datacenter, carriers and service providers, while providing one of the lowest power consumption rates per gigabit of encrypted/decrypted traffic in the industry today. Compliant with the IEEE 802.1AE (Link Layer Security) standard, LinkCrypt has demonstrated interoperability with a variety of industry leading solutions and coexistence with other third party software and hardware security solutions.

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