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Marvell Integrates Multiple Wireless LAN Functions Into A Single Device With New All-into-1 Technology

Innovative Wireless Technology Enables New Markets and Simplifies Experience for Users

Sunnyvale, California (April 19, 2004) – arvell® (NASDAQ: MRVL), a technology leader in the development of extreme broadband communications and storage solutions, today announced the availability of its new, All-Into-1 wireless technology enabling users to simplify and enhance their wireless experience.  The All-into1 technology breaks new ground in size, versatility and applications of Wireless LANs (WLANs) beyond the current products on the market today.

The Marvell All-into-1 technology allows the integration of many WLAN functions into a single device that were previously separate functions in multiple devices. The first product to embody the All-into-1 technology is the Marvell 5-in-1 802.11g device. The size of a credit card, the 5-in-1 can extend the range of any 802.11g/b Access Point (AP) or wireless router, provide easier setup for broadband wireless gaming over the Internet, allow personal 54Mbps ‘hot-spot’ connectivity, and much more.  Today users must purchase and set up multiple products in order to build their wireless network but with the All-into-1 technology they only have to purchase a single product.  Marvell’s All-into-1 technology simplifies the purchasing decision and provides a cost effective solution for the end user.  In addition, its small size pushes the envelope of wireless applications and offers end users new and innovative uses. 

One new use is the “portable” wireless network for the wary business traveler.  To use this advanced feature of the 5-in-1, the traveler switches the device to be an AP and plugs it into a high-speed broadband Internet outlet provided by their hotel.  Once plugged in, the 5-in-1 instantly creates a wireless network in the traveler’s hotel room.  The traveler can now relax anywhere in the room utilizing their “portable” wireless network and is no longer tied to an uncomfortable hotel desk or limited to the length of the Ethernet cable.

“This is a true innovation in Wi-Fi technology,” stated Mr. HC Hung, Vice President of IA R&D, AsusTek Computer Inc. “Marvell has a long history of providing outstanding technology and Asustek Computer will use the All-into-1 to satisfy the demanding needs of our customers who are constantly looking for usable, innovative products.”

“We are excited that Asustek Computer has chosen to adopt the Marvell All-into-1 technology for their family of WLAN products,” remarked David Young, General Manager, Connectivity Business Unit, Communications Business Group, Marvell. “This adoption is an example of how Marvell is paving the way for the industry by creating advanced and creative solutions to meet our customers demand in the fast growing Wireless LAN market.”

At the heart of the All-into-1 technology is Marvell’s innovative Wireless Interconnect System Engine (WISE). This engine allows a single device to operate in multiple modes and provide enhanced connection speeds. Setting new expectations for wireless design, the All-into-1 System-On-a-Chip (SOC) integrates the WISE with key wireless functions such as a Media Access Controller (MAC), which supports the latest WLAN security and Quality of Service standards, a baseband processor, an embedded CPU, and one 10/100 Fast Ethernet port with Marvell’s Virtual Cable Tester (VCT™) technology.

Additionally, the All-into-1 is an adaptive technology that can be implemented into any current or future WLAN standards-based product.  The highly scalable nature of the technology will allow Marvell to continuously add more functions as customers request them. 

Availability and Pricing

The reference design for the 5-in-1 is available now for broad use with the device currently sampling to major partners.  End user customers interested in the All-into-1 technology can look for partner products to be announced over the coming months.

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