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Marvell Exhibits Industry's First Networking Server I/O Module (SIOM) at Intel Developer Forum

Marvell to Demonstrate Industry Leading Yukon® II Performance for PCI Express Servers

Sunnyvale, California (February 28, 2005) – arvell (NASDAQ: MRVL), a technology leader in the development of extreme broadband communications and storage solutions, today announced the industry’s first Networking Server I/O Module (SIOM).   Marvell will showcase the Yukon II based SIOM at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, March 3-5, 2005.  Marvell will also demonstrate performance benchmarks for Yukon II, the industry’s top performing networking solution for PCI Express servers during IDF.

The Yukon II controller is the world’s first dual-port Gigabit controller designed specifically to deliver reliable multi-gigabit bandwidth for the PCI-Express server architecture.  Marvell will demonstrate performance benchmarks at IDF for the PCI Express 4-lane controller.  The Yukon II is based on Marvell’s Concurrent Data Streaming (CDS) architecture that utilizes a highly innovative scheme to reduce the impact of system and peripheral latencies on PCI Express throughput.  As demonstrated by the Yukon II performance, the CDS architecture enables superior data streaming and application performance. 

The Yukon II based SIOM being exhibited at IDF showcases the versatility of the SIOM form factor for server platforms. The SIOM form factor provides a modular I/O adapter design that is closed chassis hot-pluggable.

“The SIOM form-factor couples the tremendous PCI Express bandwidth with new levels of design flexibility for system integrators and ease of use for IT managers.” said Jim Pappas, director of Initiative Marketing, Intel Enterprise Platforms Group. “Marvell’s Yukon-II based SIOM raises the bar on the industry’s effort to deliver a new level of versatility and reliability for servers.”

The Yukon II also features Marvell's patented and innovative Virtual Cable Tester™ (VCT) technology that enables IT managers to quickly identify cabling problems with pinpoint accuracy.  In addition, the Yukon II controller supports the Intelligent Peripheral Management Interface (IPMI) to provide IT managers with real-time server health monitoring and enhanced manageability.

The Marvell Yukon II solution also simplifies deployment and IT management across a variety of computer platforms in an organization’s network by providing the industry’s most comprehensive software driver suite that includes support for Windows, Linux, Netware and Unix.

“The Yukon II brings the highest level of performance and versatility to PCI Express server platforms,” said David Young, Marvell’s General Manager, Connectivity Business Unit, Communications Business Group.  “By delivering the industry’s top benchmarks with Yukon II and offering the industry’s first networking SIOM implementation, Marvell continues to underscore its focus on market leading innovation and performance”.

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