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Marvell Announces Volume Production of COLORZ II 400ZR Modules for Data Center Interconnects

Cignal AI Market Research Reports 400ZR Modules as the Dominant Form Factor for DCI

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Mar. 3, 2022—Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) today announced that it has begun volume shipments of the Marvell® COLORZ® II 400ZR module. COLORZ II is the industry’s first QSFP-DD pluggable module enabling cloud operators to connect their data centers within a region, with high performance, low power, small form factor 400G coherent transceivers without the need for a separate transport box.

“The demand for pluggable 400Gbps coherent optics is very strong right now.  It is outstripping supply and is projected to account for a quarter of the DWDM market by 2025,” said Scott Wilkinson, Lead Analyst at Cignal AI. “We are excited that the volume shipments that began in 2021 are accelerating, and we expect to see Marvell continue to lead the charge as 400ZR spurs new and innovative DCI network architectures.”

As artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and high-performance computing (HPC) applications continue to drive greater bandwidth requirements, cloud-optimized 400G solutions are needed to support high-speed data center interconnections. These requirements can only be met through high bandwidth connectivity offered in a small, cost-effective form factor.  The Marvell COLORZ II 400ZR enables cloud data centers the ability to increase the speed of data movement while keeping the power and cost low. 

“Our cloud customers’ DCI bandwidth demand continues to grow exponentially. Today’s announcement underscores Marvell’s commitment to delivering industry-leading 400ZR and ZR+ solutions to support this growth,” said Josef Berger, associate vice president, Optical and Copper Connectivity Group. “We are excited about the growth trajectory and this first shipment milestone and grateful for all our customers, partners and employees who have made the success possible.”

400ZR is an interoperable standard with broad industry support. Motivated by the need to lower the cost and power consumption of DCI, leading cloud operators, OEMs, and module and chip vendors have joined the Optical Interworking Forum in the development of an industry standard for 400ZR.


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