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Leading Manufacturers Join Marvell and ZeroDesktop to Deliver Cost-Effective, All-in-One Cloud-Based Desktop Solutions

MiTAC, CVT Electronics and Wistron lend their support to new and disruptive virtual desktop platform that eliminates the need to invest in multiple PCs

Las Vegas and Santa Clara, California (January 8, 2013) – Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) and ZeroDesktop, a developer of next-generation personal cloud operating system solutions for public and private cloud computing, today announced that three leading manufacturers have signed on to support ZeroDesktop's personal Cloud OS infrastructure powered by Marvell's award-winning ARMADA® 1500 Series SoC platform (88DE3100). The platform delivers an innovative Android-based virtual web desktop that provides a cost-effective alternative to today’s expensive PC infrastructure. Demonstrations will be showcased at CES 2013, Marvell booth No. 31423 in South Hall 3.

Marvell and ZeroDesktop are now working with MiTAC International Corp., CVT Electronics and Wistron to bring cost-effective Android-based, all-in-one solutions to the market. These all-in-one solutions will offer a comprehensive range of cloud services and computing products to meet the demands of today’s cloud for a broad range of business and consumer users in emerging markets as well as additional household or business devices in developed regions.

The new cloud-based desktop platform, featuring a multi-user login environment and an integrated virtual file system, delivers a rich multimedia experience combined with productivity all from a single server, eliminating the need for investment in multiple PCs and expensive PC maintenance and infrastructure. The groundbreaking solution is targeted at cost-conscious education systems, emerging nations, small businesses and consumers.

“Marvell is thrilled to collaborate with ZeroDesktop and our new manufacturer partners as we advance our mission to deliver low-cost computing devices while making it easier for small businesses and consumers  to gain control of their digital lives for excellent multi-tasking and entertainment experience” said Winston Chen, vice president of the Smart Home Business Unit at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. “In today’s challenging economic environment, this affordable, sleek all-in-one platform provides an attractive alternative while giving users a more productive and enjoyable cloud computing experience.”

Powered by the Marvell ARMADA 1500 family of HD media SoCs, the virtual desktop account manager tool provides a seamless all-in-one content management hub for organizing, accessing, managing and sharing digital content locally, regardless of where it is stored. As a result, users can regain control of digital content that is increasingly dispersed across local computers, social sites, portable storage devices and external storage services.

The Android-based ZeroDesktop Cloud OS also solves many of the challenges typically faced by users, such as single-tasking user interface, inconsistent file systems, non-integrated productivity tools, and the lack of secure device sharing among multiple users. The solution provides an integrated desktop experience that offers substantial cost savings compared to other low-cost desktop PC offerings. What’s more, the virtual web desktop platform provides new opportunities for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs) and service providers to provide a turnkey cloud service solution to their subscribers and end-users.

“Adding these new partnerships with leading manufacturers bolsters our existing relationship with Marvell and provides ZeroDesktop with tremendous momentum as we fast track our solution into the marketplace,” said Young Song, CEO of ZeroDesktop. “We’re excited to work with Marvell and our new partners to extend benefits such as cost savings; reduced storage, server and bandwidth requirements; and the ability to enable thousands of users to access their content and enjoy a unique computing experience.”

Powerful, energy-efficient, ultra-scalable and affordable, the ARMADA 1500 Series SoC platform contains Marvell’s highest-performing ARM v7-compatible PJ4B SMP super-scalar dual-core CPU. The chip is designed to enable PC-like processing power to support Web browsing with support for Flash and other key technologies – with the aid of more than 6,000 Dhrystone MIPS of computing horsepower, FPU v3.0, 512KB of L2 cache and NEON. With advanced, cellphone-like power management, the platform is also incredibly energy-efficient.

The ARMADA 1500 contains Marvell’s award-winning Qdeo® video processing for state-of-the-art HD and 3-D video, including scaling, noise reduction, de-interlacing, low bit-rate Internet video enhancement and FRC, and color/contrast enhancement. The chip offers VMeta™, a multi-format video decoder that can decode up to two simultaneous 1080p streams as well as a host of other video formats and containers.

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ZeroDesktop, Inc. is a leading developer of next generation Cloud Operating System and Cloud Service Brokerage Solutions for Telecoms, OEMs, ISVs and Enterprises. The ZeroDesktop Infrastructure unifies scattered digital content from local storage, network drives and cloud services into one secure repository accessible by PCs, tablets and mobile devices. The ZeroDesktop solution includes a customer-branded Personal Cloud OS based on a Web-VDI User Interface, and a Cloud Service Brokerage Platform for Web and Mobile Applications.  ZeroDesktop is headquartered in San Mateo, CA. For more information, visit


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