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Governor Schwarzenegger Joins Marvell in Launching the Smart-Electronics Initiative

Industry-Wide Initiative to Promote Improved Energy-Efficiency in Consumer Electronics

Santa Clara, California (September 8, 2010) – Marvell (Nasdaq: MRVL), a worldwide leader in integrated silicon solutions, today announced the launch of the "Smart-Electronics Initiative," a cross-industry collaborative campaign aimed at increasing awareness for the growing amount of energy consumed by everyday consumer electronics. The effort will also promote wider adoption of energy efficiency technologies, such as Power Factor Correction (PFC) and Light Emitting Diodes (LED).  Governor Schwarzenegger joined Marvell in launching the campaign today at a ceremony at Marvell's Silicon Valley headquarters.  The Governor was joined by California Labor and Workforce Development Agency Secretary Victoria Bradshaw and executives from the Silicon Valley Leadership Group—which represents the largest employers in the Bay Area.  

"We thank Governor Schwarzenegger and our industry friends and partners from around Silicon Valley for supporting this important and timely effort," said Dr. Sehat Sutardja, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Marvell. "The rapid proliferation of electronic devices and cloud services are driving a large increase in the amount of energy our society uses.  Although small, consumer electronics have now become the biggest drain on home energy usage. There is great urgency to re-architect the way we build our electronics. Together with some of the world's largest technology companies, Marvell is working to develop smarter, more efficient technology products that provide consumers with the capabilities they demand while significantly reducing the amount of energy required to power those devices. We and our partners are committed to raising awareness of energy consumption of today's consumer electronics and reducing carbon footprint through the development of smarter technologies."

As founder of the Smart-Electronics Initiative, Marvell plans to work with other consumer electronics leaders, policy-makers and stakeholders to spearhead studies, research and development efforts designed to help breed more efficient consumer technology. One of the organization's efforts already helped to develop HR 5070, the "Smart Electronics Act," which was introduced in April by Representative Mike Honda U.S. Congressman of San Jose.  The Bill aims to fund research on power consumption of consumer electronics and identify technologies on the market that reduce consumer energy demand.

"I'm happy to be in Silicon Valley today with Marvell and other technology leaders to raise awareness for the importance of improved energy efficiency in consumer electronics," said Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. "Silicon Valley is once again rising to a global challenge by developing new ideas and technologies that help make our lives richer and more productive, but this time we're turning our legendary entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset to the challenge of doing more with less -- more productivity and entertainment, vastly lower energy requirements."  

As a longtime leader in low-power technologies, Marvell helps increase the efficiency of today's most common consumer electronics. The company is a vocal proponent of PFC technology, a 30-year old innovation that is designed to reduce more than 50 percent of the energy that is wasted in the transmission of electricity. Estimates show the volume of consumer electronic products consumed throughout the world will more than double in the next few years. Through the use of PFC technology and re-architect of our electronics, the industry can dramatically reduce the world's carbon footprint and curtail the need for more power plants.

More information on the Smart-Electronics Initiative can be found here

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