マーベルのファイナル・レベル・キャッシュ(Final Level Cache、FLC™)とモジュラー・チップ(MOdular CHIp、MoChi™)テクノロジは、次世代のシステムや機器のコスト、複雑さ、消費電力やサイズなどを削減することで集積回路(IC)設計に革命的ともいえる大きなパラダイムシフトをもたらします。

Final-Level Cache (FLC) Architecture

A groundbreaking architecture, Final-Level Cache or FLC redefines the main memory hierarchy by substantially reducing the amount of DRAM main memory needed in a system. FLC cuts the DRAM capacity needed by as much as a factor of ten, promising lower cost and enabling computing systems to use about half the energy they consume today.


MOdular CHIp (MoChi) Architecture

MOdular CHIp or MoChi architecture enables building a virtual system-on-chip by “plugging in” a set of MoChi blocks in a LEGO®-like concept. Separated into performance and cost optimized compute and non-compute MoChi units, the architecture provides the ability to interconnect these chip blocks with each other and the flexibility to do so in a variety of combinations, significantly reducing time-to-market and cost of developing products.


The Linley Group Reports on FLC and MoChi

Learn more about FLC and MoChi from the interview Marvell Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Sehat Sutardja has with The Linley Group's Founder and Principal Analyst, Linley Gwennap, in this edition of the Microprocessor Report, Sutardja Sees Simpler SoCs .