Carrier Solutions

Poised to enable a world of intelligent connectivity with 5G

Carrier Solutions

Transportation, industrial manufacturing, entertainment and public services are among the sectors that stand to benefit from the hyper connectivity of 5G infrastructure. Marvell offers a wide range of carrier and service provider infrastructure products and proof of concept contributions poised to enable a world of intelligent connectivity. Are you ready for a new era of delivering highly personalized experiences?


Get the industry’s most scalable, high-performance, and low-power solution for intelligent networking applications with Marvell OCTEON processors



With 5G bandwidth escalation on its way, up to 10 gigabits per second bandwidth for users by some estimates, the possibilities with such an expansion include the enablement of high bandwidth internet access, innovative VR and AR applications, smart cities and wirelessly connected robots working in a smart factory. Next-generation 5G networks aren’t just fast, they’re reliably fast. Mobile networks will be able to accommodate a lot more users as well as high bandwidth applications. Imagine not having to wait for slow network response!



5G is not a one-size-fits-all model. It will co-exist with 4G LTE while enabling selected new services, taking advantage of new network capabilities and user experiences that 5G technology enables. Different operators may take different approaches and different priority in enabling selected new 5G services and capabilities. We’ve been working with carrier providers on 5G proof of concepts and making key contributions to industry associations like the Telecom Infra Project’s OpenCellular Project and the Open Network Foundation CORD program to ensure that no matter the chosen approach Marvell has the technology to make it work.


Among the transformative effects of 5G is a software-defined network slicing capability. Instead of a network architecture where all devices share the same communication channels, carriers can customize their networks, dynamically creating and operating network slices with customized bandwidth, security and latency characteristics. Network slicing also creates a marketplace of virtual networks, e.g. for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). It’s a good thing Marvell already has a strong ecosystem of software, hardware, operating systems and virtualization capabilities.


Cost Optimization

By processing data and applications at the network edge, carriers can reduce cost and minimize latencies. High bandwidth applications are supported but transport bandwidth usage is minimized. Optimized latencies drastically enhance user experiences. With the advent of a marketplace of virtual networks, carrier providers can open new revenue-generating opportunities as well. Marvell supplies the processors and switches from the edge to the core of the network, offering a one-stop shop in high performance components saving time and cost.


Advances in 5G bring security concerns as well. The health industry, for instance will need ever stronger security in place to combat medical identity theft and protect health privacy. The higher 5G data throughput scales up security processing requirements significantly. Stronger authentication methods will be necessary in smart homes. Marvell has optimized multi-core processors that carry specialized protocols of security and efficiency. Security between the device and the base station processor is encrypted.



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