Building the 5G Networks of the Future

Complete 5G platform delivering core technology to advance carrier infrastructure

End-to-End 5G Ready Portfolio

In highly distributed, ultra-low latency networks, decisions are increasingly made autonomously at the edge versus the core. Marvell is at the forefront via multi-access edge computing solutions with advanced application processors, secure switches and PHYs for edge analytics, threat detection and autonomous decision making. The Marvell 5G New Radio (NR) Platform includes:

  • Radio Access SoCs – The award-winning Marvell® OCTEON Fusion-M® product line is optimized for cost/power and programmable with a 3GPP protocol stack split and massive MIMO capabilities.
  • Transport /EPC Core Processors – Multi-core Marvell® OCTEON® processors power the transport layer of over 10 million base-stations around the world today.  Designed to address the most demanding use cases of 5G NR, our scalable data-place acceleration makes Marvell embedded processors ideal for 5G Core/EPC applications at the heart of the network.
  • Ethernet Networking – Leveraging our leadership in Ethernet switching and physical layer devices, Marvell has extended our system-level expertise to encompass switches and PHYs in carrier infrastructure networks.
  • ThunderX2 Arm-based Server – With increasing emphasis on NFV and cloud deployments, the Marvell® ThunderX2® server processor is workload optimized and pivotal for the deployment of next generation carrier networks.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity – With industry leading 8x8 and 4x4 Wi-Fi 6 solutions, our robust, fully certifiable and complete 802.11ax engines include full MU-MIMO and OFDMA uplink and downlink, multi-gigabit peak speeds, precision location, cloud management, best-in-class beamforming and integrated Bluetooth® 5 technology.