Supplier Responsibility

Marvell recognizes how thoughtful supplier responsibility efforts can impact the quality of our products

Supplier Responsibility

Supplier responsibility is often the crossroad where business demands intersect with societal and environmental obligations. Marvell recognizes how thoughtful supplier responsibility efforts can impact the quality of our products, meet the expectations of our customers and create better labor and business relationship with our suppliers.

We partner with suppliers to manufacture, assemble and test our integrated circuits. We’ve implemented a multi-layer approach to convey our supplier responsibility expectations to our direct suppliers throughout various stages of our procurement process. We rely on our suppliers to meet our high standards as well as industry expectations to ensure that working conditions in their operations are safe, that both employees and contractors are treated with respect and dignity, that minerals are sourced responsibly and that business operations are environmentally responsible and conducted ethically.

Engagement with The Responsible Business Alliance 

By joining the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), a dynamic industry association consisting of over 140 leading companies, Marvell commits to work with its suppliers to improve the front lines of the manufacturing process – the lives, rights and working environment of the people building electronic products we can’t imagine our lives without.

Through our membership with the RBA, we believe we can promote higher environmental, social and governance standards across the industry in partnership with our customers and peers and align our approach with industry-wide best practices.

RBA members support the RBA Code of Conduct (RBA Code) that establishes standards for labor, health & safety, environmental practices, and ethics and management systems. Marvell is committed to adopting and implementing the RBA Code, internally at Marvell and externally with our supply chain partners. With a goal to create a responsible supply chain, Marvell aims to work alongside our supply chain to ensure our partners are aligned and in compliance with the RBA Code.

Read the RBA Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

Marvell is committed to conducting its business in a lawful and ethical manner, including engaging with suppliers that are committed to the principles set forth in the Marvell Supplier Code of Conduct (“Supplier Code”).

Marvell’s Supplier Code encourages suppliers to operate in full conformance with the laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which they operate and to meet internationally recognized environmental, social and governance standards.

The Supplier Code comprises the following:

  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations
  • Business Practices and Ethics
  • Healthy and Safety
  • Labor Practices and Human Rights
  • Environmental Protection
  • Compliance with RBA Code of Conduct
  • Responsible Sourcing
  • Audits and Assessments
  • Reporting Questionable or Illegal Behavior

Read the Marvell Supplier Code of Conduct