Base Station Processors

Integrated baseband processors for outdoor micro-cell base stations, indoor host-neutral cells and public safety networks

Base Station Processors

Providing high system capacity and per-user data rates (critical requirements for a 5G network) will require a densification of the radio access network or the deployment of additional network nodes. As radio networks increasingly use higher frequency bands, the demand for high output, high user count micro cells with full macro BTS capabilities at significantly lower cost of deployment has increased dramatically. Marvell® OCTEON™ processors are targeted for multi-sector macro BTS, micro BTS and intelligent remote radio heads as well as enterprise and microcell LTE base station designs.

OCTEON Fusion-M Processor Family

OCTEON™ Fusion-M® processors are single chip solutions for multi-sector macro BTS, micro BTS and Intelligent Remote Radio Heads that target 2G, 3G and LTE radio networks. For LTE, OCTEON Fusion-M processors support up to 3GPP LTE Release 13. Key features include highly optimized full custom processor cores, a highly efficient caching subsystem, high memory bandwidth as well as a flexible and high performance PHY.

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OCTEON Small Cell Processor Family

OCTEON™ small-cell processors are targeted for enterprise and microcell LTE base station designs. Combining the OCTEON multi-core architecture with purpose-built baseband DSP cores and LTE hardware accelerators in a single chip, they support up to 3GPP release 9. In combination with our cost-aware manufacturable indoor eNodeB reference design and integrated LTE stack area available to shorten the time to market.